Zip Line Construction in India
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Zip Line Construction Zip Line Construction Zip Line Construction Zip Line Construction
Zip Line Construction in India

Adventure Park Construction in India

All over the world Adventure activities are the main part of the tourism and the way to express bravary and challenges. Like other Country India has also ample opprtunities of Adventure Sports tourism with Brand new adventure activities Like – Zip Line , Sky Ride , Sky Walk , Sky Bridges , Sky jumps , Zip line tours etc. Infact Adventure Soprts is the most fast growing category in Tourism sector.

Zip line Adventure
As an Arial Adventure sports Zip line Adventure is now becoming popular & safe adventure/fun activity among tourists & people.

In this activity person slides from Upper End (HTP) to Lower End (LTP)on wire ropes with the help of pulley , Harness and karabiners. (for examle see photo). This is done only under the supervisation of Zip line experts. This is awesome fun , exccellerating and thrilling experince with adrenaline rush is body. Zip Line is only valued by these above said qualities.


Sky Rides (Man Vs Superman)
Superman Zip line-Sky Ride is our brand new Superman Zip line in which person fly like a Superman in Zip line.

Scope in Adventure Tourism ( Why Zip Line ? )
Zip Line has the plenty of opportunities in tourism sector because of its Fun Filled Thrill & Adventure Sports. It is already a Fast growing Adventure Activity in India. With the help of Zip line – Sky Ride Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the any Location by flying over the River , Lake , Sea , Forests , Valley , deep gorges and High mountains. I feel the strong demand of Zip line in India according to inbond and domestic tourists. There are so many Tourists who are demanding Zip Lines in India.

As our previous Experience says – Zip line is the most attractive Adventure Sports for every person ( Every means Every ).

So We are always very Excited to introduce & Install Zip Lines in any new Place in every Quarter of the year.


Our Aim
To make India as a World famous destination for Arial Adventure Sports and Tourism. Because Arial Adventure Sports are the most thriling & Safe adventure sports in comparison of other sports ( ie. Land , Aero & Water sports).

In India there are moslty three main seasons ( Summer , Winter and Rainy ). So there is Difference Adventure Sports for Difference seasons ( like – Trekking, Mountaineering and Rafting in Summer , Skiing in Winter , Aero Sports in good air conditions only , and In Rainy season there is almost no Adventure Sports ).

but Zip lines are open round the year. As Zip lines have not affected from any wheather and season. So increasing more tourist , revenue & Gross Income.

More over Every person without any physical efficiency and Training can do Zip Lines and Enjoy.

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About Us

The Real Adventure Sports (Zip Lines India)
------An X-treme Adventure sports Company.

I am Suraj S. Rawat from Mussoorie , Dehradun , Uttarakhand. I am the owner of “The Real Adventure sports” company. Here is some brief -

The Real Adventure Sports (Zip Lines India)
--- An X-treme Adventure Sports Company.

The Real Adventure sports is a well known name in Adventure Sports & Regular Tourism. Our Aim is to fulfill the Desire of our Guests. TRA sports is determine to ensure the best Adventure & Tour Packaging experience with the Team of highly Qualified, Experienced & Trained Staff. We ensure you for an enjoyable & safe Experience , whether you are at Adventure in Himalaya or at leisure on riverside. We pride ourselves in providing the best Quality of Everything , From Rest to Rafting , Tea to Trekking , Meal to Mountaineering , Camping to Climbing and From Skiing to Sky Riding.

Zip Line India is a special body of THE REAL ADVENTURE SPORTS who manages, operates and constructs all the zip lines. TRASports is the first company in India who operates the Zip Line - Super Man Rides.

Why we are unique ?
Below are the few resons for what we are the unique in India and no one can compete with us.
1. We are the India's first Zip Line- Superman Riders.
2. We always use supporting wire rope in our Zip Line - Superman Rides to ensure 200 % safety.
3. We are the first who use supporting safety Harness along with the full body Zip line Harness in the form of Superman suit to ensure 200 % safety.
4. We are the only who execute the Zip lines Rides in night also . So every one can enjoy the thrilling night zipping.
5. We are the first and only Zip Line- Superman in Himalayas , The first Himalayan- Zip line in India.
6. We have the highest Zip Line in India ( 600 ft. high ).
7. We are the only makers of Superman Suits in India.
8. And the most important uniqueness is that in our Zip Lines Tourist don't have to do any efforts , any workouts , any trainings.

We are there to do every thing and they will be there to do only enjoy and fun.

Our Running Projects

We are in the field of making Zip Lines and Adventure Parks since 2006.

We had Made more then 30 Zip Lines in India , out of which we have own 7 Superman Zip Lines & 4 Normal Zip Lines in India --

1. At MUSSOORIE ADVENTURE PARK (400 acre area ) - 2
( 250 meter twin Zip Line , Height 550 ft.)

2. At Dhanaulti Adventure Park - 2
( Highest in India 600 ft. high)
( Highest altitude Racing Zip Line Tour in India ( 8300 ft.) ( MSL )

3. At Snow Adventure Zone , Buranskhanda. – 1

4. At Kempty Falls ( Run by others)- 2
( Over the Water Fall river )

5. Normal 4 Zip lines in Different Adventure Parks.

We Had Made more than 8 Adventure Parks in India , out of which we have own 5 Adventure Parks in India -
1. Mussoorie Adventure Park (400 acre area ), Mussoorie
2. Snow Adventure Zone , Buranskhanda ( 8600 ft.) (5 acre)
3. King Kong Adventure Park , Mussoorie (2 acre)
4. Dhanaulti Adventure Park , Dhanaulti ( 27 acre)
5. Rich Mount Adventure Park , Calicut , Kerala (new) (South India’s First)(12 acre)

Upcoming Adventure Parks and Zip lines
( We Have done Survey for more then 50 Locations for Zip Lines & 30 Locations for Adventure Parks )

Upcoming Adventure Parks Locations in India -
9 more Adventure Parks are under construction in India including -
Ooty , Tamilnadu
Patiya , Gujrat
Patni Top , Kashmir
Bikaner , Rajasthan ( for army uses only )
Havelock iland , Andaman & Nicobar
Naukuchiya Tal , Nainital
Delhi NCR ( in Mall)
Punjab ( in Mall) .

Upcoming Zip Lines Locations in India -
18 more Zip Lines are in the Pipe line including -
Ooty - 2
Kashmir – 5 ( Gulmarg , KongDori , 2- Pahalgam & Patni Top )
Mussoorie -2 , Uttarakhand
Tehri Lake – 2 , Uttarakhand
Nainital - 2
Andaman & Nicobar ( will be First Zip Line over the Ocean) – 850 mt.
Gowahati etc..

Upcoming Zip Lines Locations in Abroad –
Nepal etc..

Our Satisfied Clients

Snow Adventure Zone , Buranskhanda
( Fulley satisfied by “The Real Adventure Sports” work . Earning a good stuff anually almost 5 times of my Investment ----- Mrs. Anita )

President of Gram Panchayat Kempty Falls , Mussoorie
(We added a new attraction in our tourist place , now it is the must do activity here.---- Mr. Kamal )

President of Gram Panchayat Kufri ,Shimla
( We made kufri the Adventure destination of Shimla Thanks to “The Real Adventure Sports” for making so. ----- Mr. Amar S. Thakur )

Country Inn & Suits , by Carlson , Mussoorie
--------- ( Mr. Randhir Sharma MD )

The Perfect Hide Out , Mussoorie
---------- Mr. Gautam

Cloud End Forest Resort (400 acre) , Mussoorie
------------ ( Mr. Digvijay Agarwal )

King Kong Adventure Park , Mussoorie

Apple Orchard Resort , Dhanaulti
----------- Mr. Kirti pratap Rao ( Brother of King of Tehri Garhwal )

Mussoorie Adventure Park , Mussoorie
----------------- Mrs. Anita

Hill Top Adventure Park , Mussoorie
----------- Mr. Suresh

Dhanualti Adventure Park , Dhanaulti
--------- Mrs. Anita Rawat

Rich Mount Adventure Park , Calicut , Kerala
( New ) (First in South India)
------ Mr. Humayu Kabeer

Our Safety Norms

We have adopted safety norms from ACCT( Association for Challenge Course Technology)
Approved by ANSI ( American National Standards Institute ) USA.

I am the active member of ACCT( Association for Challenge Course Technology).

I am the Life Time member of NAF (National Adventure Foundation) , the India’s Largest Adventure Sports Foundation .

Details of Equipments

S. No.
Breaking Strength
Main Wire 12-20 mm knitted Air Craft steel wire ropes ( specially design for Zip line ) 6000-9000 kg.
Supporting wire 12-20 mm knitted Air craft steel wire ropes ( specially design for Zip line ) 4000-9000 kg.
Pulley ( Zip line trolley ) 12-20 mm Tandem Steel selves ball bearing (specially made for Zip line) 24-50 KN (Kilo Newton)
1KN = 102 Kg( approx)
Karabiners Elliptical steel body
UIAA/EN certified
20 – 30 KN
Safety Harness Full Body Harness Polyester
UIAA/EN certified
10-25 KN
Ropes & Slings Knitted cornamental climbing Ropes UIAA/EN certified 18 – 30 KN
Safety Helmets ISI fiber body -
Brakes Nylogrip & Ropes 10 – 20 KN
Superman Suits We are the only makers of Superman Suits in India. 20 KN

Facilities we give ----
1. Permanent Base both ( HTP & LTP ).
2. High Quality Ultra Strong Double wire ropes.
3. High Quality and certified Zip line Gear/ Euipments.( PPE) ( with certfication of UIAA or EN )
4. We give you 10 sets of zipline Gears.
5. Exclusive Braking Systems.
6. Expert Trained Instructors to train your staff.
7. One year service free.*
8. Marketing Assistance by our online and off line sources.
9. Operate Zip line for the given period. *
10. Exclusive SUPERMAN SUITS for SUPERMAN ZIP LINES ( Charges Extra - Rs. 20000/- per Suit ).

* (Terms & Conditions apply )

However –
1. We have impeccable 100% safety record since or inception because of our highly , qualified , trained , Experinced and responsible Instructors and staff from NIM ( Nehru Institute of Mountaineering , Uttarkashi specially trained by Zip Line India( TRA Sports).
2. All our Instructors keep themselves updated by regularly participating in various adventure activities to keep their skills sharp at all times.
3. All the PPE (Personal Protection Equipments) used by us are verified by UIAA( Union of International Alpine Assotiation) or EN ( European Nations) certified.
4. We always use additional gears for 200% safety ( the only in India who do the same).
5. We keep a strict check with daily routine on the equipments we use and keep replacing our inventory with new stock.
6. Proper security arrangements are ensured in the activity site.
7. Each Zip Lines is inspected & checked every day before use.
8. Our Zip lines have the weighing capacity of 6000 Kg. to 12000 Kg.
9. Our construction and operation meets to the latest International standards.

We have our Exclusive braking system in India , That’s why we have Exclusive 100% safety records since our inception.

About The Team
Our Team for Zip lines is specially trained for Superman Zip lines & are the only Instructors for Superman Zip lines in India , Particularly LTP Braking.
That's why we proud announce of 100% Safety Results so far.

Note - To start Zip Line Ride business in any where , you have to invite us for the Land survey. In that survey report we provide you below reports -
1. Technical Data for zip line
2. Minimum Required Investment ( MRI)
3. ROI ( Return of Investment)
4. Feasibility report

Final decision will be taken after survey of the land by us .


Note - Cost of Survey will be 30000/- one Time with return air fare from Dehradun , Uttarakhand , Local Transfers , Accommodation & Meals for two persons ( Max. one week ). India’s highest Sky Ride – 600 ft. high now at Dhanaulti Adventure Park

More (Distance + Height + Speed) = More (Thrill + Excitement) = More Money ………

PACKAGES for SKY RIDE ( Superman Zip line ) with Double Wire ropes - ( Superman Suits extra worth Rs. 20000/- per suit)..


Distance ( Single Span)
Cost *( With 10 sets of Zip line Gears )
100 mts.
7 lakhs (min)
200 mts.
16 lakhs
300 mts.
25 lakhs
400 mts.
34 lakhs
500 mts.
45 lakhs
600 mts.
58 lakhs
700 mts.
75 lakhs
800 mts.
95 lakhs
900 mts.
120 lakhs
1000 mts.
160 lakhs

Note - These Charges are for basic infrastructure to start any Zip line . In addition of the total amount it will be charge extra for Furnishing that spot ( Like – Reception , ticket counter , Shade , sitting area , path ways etc. )( You can also make these things by your own sources according to you .)

We are Expert to do off beat work in every location .

Note – 1. Cost can be vary 10% less or more , according to location . 2. Services Tax extra .

Note - These Charges are for basic infrastructure to start any Zip line . In addition of the total amount it will be charge extra for Furnishing that spot ( Like – Plateforms , reception , ticket counter , sitting area , path ways etc. )( You can make these things by your own sources according to you .)
Your Name
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